Razma – Boga Hiking Trail

Peak-to-Peak Outdoors in Albania

Trail length: 13,5 km

Duration: 7 hrs

Altitude change: 910 meters

Accessibility: Summer

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Water sources: Scarce

Highlights of the trail:

  • Explores diverse landscapes, from charming villages to lush forests.
  • Proximity to Shkodra makes Razem a accessible tourist gem.
  • Rich history chronicled by botanist Antonio Baldaci and geologist Baroni Nopcsa.
  • Retreat for shepherds and merchants, embraced for summer tranquility.
  • Recreation camp established in 1953, retaining allure beyond communism’s fall.
  • Path leads from Razem to enchanting Fushë Zezë oasis.
  • Ancient beech and pine trees cast timeless beauty in Veleçik’s embrace.
  • Natural wonders “Gropa e Karrikave” and “Gropa e Thiut” inspire wonder.
  • Fushë Zezë unveils a paradise amid Veleçik’s peaks.
  • Footpath marked by telephone antennas guides the way to Bogë.
  • Forest regeneration after fire, a mosaic of stones and grass, demands careful steps.

North: Nikç
South: Reçi
East: Razma
West: Boga

Embark on an unforgettable journey along the Razem to Boge trail, a captivating odyssey that traverses the very heart of Albania’s natural wonders. Our voyage takes us through a tapestry of landscapes, from charming villages to lush forests, revealing tales of centuries past.

Nestled just 43 km away from Shkodra, Razem beckons as one of the nearest tourist attractions. This jewel is nestled within the realm of “Malesia e Madhe” or the “Great Mountains,” an administrative area of Shkrel. The grandeur of these mountains has been chronicled for generations, with botanist Antonio Baldaci and geologist Baroni Nopcsa capturing their beauty in the 19th century.

Razem’s history is woven with threads of shepherds and Shkoda’s merchants, who embraced its tranquility for summer retreats. The rich narrative continued in 1953 when the Community government established a recreation camp, inviting excursions to its serene landscapes. As communism fell in 1990, this land retained its allure.

Our trail unfolds, leading from Razem to Fushë Zezë, an enchanting oasis within the embrace of Veleçik’s peaks. Ancient beech and pine trees grace the surroundings, casting a spell of timeless beauty. Guided by the iconic telephone antennas, our path leads us to discover hidden treasures.

Venture onward, encountering Luis village—a fleeting dwelling that springs to life between spring and autumn. Here, the “Shpella Luis” cave and Gromozhdoli huts share whispers of the past. Traverse “Gropa e Karrikave” and “Gropa e Thiut,” natural wonders etched into the landscape, creating a sense of wonder.

Journeying about 6 km from Razem, Fushë Zezë unveils itself. A paradise among the peaks of Veleçik, ancient trees dance to nature’s rhythm. Here, we diverge from the road, tracing a footpath marked by the telephone antennas, leading us towards Bogë.

As we proceed, the path unveils an untouched realm—a forest regenerating after a fire, a mosaic of stones and grass. In the embrace of summer and early autumn, this enchanted world demands sturdy shoes and careful steps. “Te Gomurt” marks a descent into rocky terrain, a final challenge before reaching Bogë’s heart.

From Razem’s whispers to Fushë Zezë’s serenity, and Bogë’s tranquility, the trail unfolds, etching memories into our souls. As the journey concludes, we carry with us the essence of these landscapes and the tales they tell. The Razem to Boge adventure is an invitation to immerse in Albania’s untouched beauty and its timeless narratives.

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