The Alps are a unique area of rare natural beauty in Albania, because they constitute a major ecological, economic, cultural, entertaining and dynamic environment. The Alps are an important reservoir for biodiversity, habitat types, species of flora and fauna, home of the main river sources. A number of protected areas and natural and cultural monuments are located in this region.

Valbona Valley

In the Albanian Alps, some areas and natural objects enjoy the status of protection, according to the law “On the protected areas” as amended and its regulations, but they do not represent all the natural, historical and cultural values of the region. According to legal provisions in force, protected natural areas in the Alps have been classified as:

  • strict natural reserves, category I, Gashi River, with an area of 3,000 ha (1996);
  • National Park, category II, Thethi, with an area of 2,630 ha (1966), Valbona Valley, the area 8,000 ha (1996)
  • and as monuments of nature, category III.

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Similarly, a considerable number of species of flora and fauna have protection status, which are included in the Red Book, according to the IUCN classification (International Union for Conservation of Nature), pursuant to Law no. 9587, dated 07.20.2006 “On the protection of biodiversity”, as amended.

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