Komani Lake – Curraj Epërm Hiking Trail

Peak-to-Peak Outdoors in Albania

Ferry length: 34 km

Duration: 12 hrs

Altitude change: 1200 meters

Accessibility: All seasons

Difficulty Level: Easy – Moderate

Water sources: Abundant

Highlights of the trail:

  • Traces the historical lifeline of Koman Lake, connecting mountains to Shkodra city.
  • Nautical bridge ferry ride through rugged terrains and isolated villages.
  • Nature’s artwork: Fresh creeks, hidden swimming spots, and untouched landscapes.
  • Warm village charms in Lekbibaj, a gateway to Nikaj-Mertur valley.
  • “Guest-house te Baca Qerim” offers authentic Albanian hospitality.
  • Journey to Curraj Eperm rewards with panoramic vistas.
  • Experience the resilience of the past and the beauty of Albanian culture.
  • Unveils nature’s secrets through history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes.

North: Nikç
South: Reçi
East: Razma
West: Boga

Embark on a Journey Through Time: Koman Lake to Curraj Eperm Hiking Trail

Step into a world where history and nature intertwine along the Koman Lake to Curraj Eperm hiking trail. This voyage isn’t just a hike; it’s a fascinating journey that evokes the feeling of the past while unveiling the beauty of Albania’s landscapes. As you board the ferry along Koman Lake, you are tracing the footsteps of generations, as this waterway was once the lifeline connecting the mountains to the city of Shkodra.

A Nautical Bridge Across Mountains

The Koman Lake ferry, once a primary transportation route, is more than a boat ride. It’s a nautical bridge that weaves through the rugged terrains, connecting isolated villages that were previously accessible only by challenging mountain paths. This lifeline allowed villagers to transport goods, visit relatives, and bridge the gap between remote communities and the urban center.

Nature’s Intricate Design

The boat trip along Koman Lake reveals nature’s intricate design, creating a tapestry of experiences. The lake’s journey carves fresh creeks, creates hidden pockets of exotic swimming spots, and breathes life into the surrounding landscapes. Each twist and turn of the ferry unravels new dimensions, inviting you to swim, explore, and immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty.

Village Charms: Lekbibaj and Beyond

As the boat docks, the adventure continues in the welcoming embrace of villages like Lekbibaj in Tropoje. This picturesque haven stands as a gateway to the Nikaj-Mertur valley, where warm smiles and traditional guesthouses await your arrival. “Guest-house te Baca Qerim” stands proudly at the Nikaj-Mertur bridge, a testament to the hospitable spirit of the people. Here, you’ll find not just a place to stay, but an opportunity to connect with the locals, sharing stories and savoring authentic Albanian culture.

Journey to Curraj Eperm

The trail unfurls its path towards Curraj Eperm, a place previously touched upon in our writings. It’s a continuation of your adventure, a higher climb that rewards you with panoramic views and a sense of accomplishment. The road may be challenging, but it echoes the resilience of the people who once journeyed these terrains for survival and connection.

Your Voyage Awaits

The Koman Lake to Curraj Eperm hiking trail is more than a journey; it’s a passage through history, culture, and nature’s artistry. Experience the beating heart of Albania, where boats carried stories, villages thrived on unity, and nature unfolded its secrets. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a seeker of authentic experiences, this trail promises a voyage that will linger in your heart long after the journey ends.

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