“My Village, Our Network” Training

This project strives to mainstream the use of social mediaas a powerful tool for raising awareness about the issues of youth in rural areas and to promote the potential of the two regions – in North Albania and Northern Serbian province of Vojvodina. The project will enable rural youth from both countries to exchange their ideas and knowledge and to jointly work on promotion of their villages and will strengthen their capacities to address negative practices and various youth-related issues in their communities.
Centar za razvoj demokratskog društva EuropolisAlbanian Alps Alliance

Gent IMERAJ, Project Coordinator in Albania

Today, we finished our 3-day bilateral training conducted within the framework of the project “My Village, Our Network”. The project aims to strengthen youth from rural areas of North Albania and Vojvodina for community activism using digital skills. Highly devoted, contributors of ideas and open-minded towards “the mountainous bridge” between the youth, we went through:
~ Community Activism
~ Digital strategies
~ Web blog
and finalized it with a video-conference among the participants of the joint training.
Proud to be a coordinator, lecturer and…benevolent of this project!!”

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