“Municipal Park Nikaj-Mertur” Info Table

On behalf of the project “CABRA II”, being implemented by GIZ, Bashkepunimi Gjerman and Tropoja Municipality, it is created the info table of the Municipal Park Nikaj-Mertur. The task to create this table was given to “Albanian Alps Alliance” network. The post is edited by Petrit Imeraj.

Regional Park Nikaj-Mertur: The Nikaj-Mërtur Regional Natural Park is a relatively small park, with a total surface of 17,505 ha in total. The community income in Lekbibaj commune is related to agriculture, livestock, emigration, etc. Agriculture and livestock currently constitute the economic base of the area, agricultural land is about 636 ha, with an average of about 1 ha / family. A small number of people from the area are employed in state institutions (municipalities, schools, health centers, roads, etc.). Part of the income is provided by livestock.


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