Thethi – Lepushë hiking trail

Peak-to-Peak Outdoors in Albania

Trail length: 9.5 km

Duration: 16 hrs

Altitude change: 750 meters

Accessibility: Summer & Autumn

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Water sources: scarce

Highlights of the trail:

  • Witness rare natural wonders [waterfalls, mountain landscapes] and a thriving biodiversity as you navigate through rugged terrains and steep inclines.
  • Be physically ready with hiking experience and a prepared mindset for this demanding adventure.
  • Enjoy awe-inspiring views showcasing the untamed beauty of Albania’s mountains along the trail.
  • Find a resting point in Nikçi to replenish supplies and appreciate the surrounding scenery in a tranquil charm.
  • Carry sufficient water for the 16-hour trek, as water sources are scarce.
  • Adequate preparation and packing of essential provisions are crucial for a successful journey.
  • Test your limits and be rewarded with breathtaking views, untouched beauty, and an unforgettable adventure.

North: Nikç
South: Reçi
East: Razma
West: Boga

Embark on an extraordinary hiking journey along the Theth-Nikç-Lepushe trail, an awe-inspiring route that unveils the untamed beauty of Albania’s mountainous landscapes. This 25.9-kilometer trail begins in Theth, Shkodër district, and concludes in Lepushe, Malesi e Madhe municipality, offering a challenging adventure through rare natural wonders and a thriving biodiversity.

Prepare for a demanding expedition that requires physical readiness and hiking experience. Due to the trail’s high difficulty level, it is strongly recommended to travel in a group of more than 5 people, ensuring safety and support along the way. The path encompasses steep inclines and rugged terrain, demanding a prepared mindset and adequate equipment for a successful journey.

As you traverse the trail, you’ll encounter breathtaking vistas and rare natural landscapes that showcase the untamed beauty of Albania’s mountains. From the starting point in Theth, the route winds through the captivating region, taking you deep into the heart of the wilderness. Nikçi serves as an intermediate station, providing a convenient rest stop for hikers to replenish supplies and take a moment to appreciate the surrounding scenery.

It’s important to note that water sources along the path are scarce. Hikers must plan accordingly, carrying sufficient water to stay hydrated throughout the 16-hour trek. Proper preparation and packing essential provisions are crucial for a successful and enjoyable experience.

The Theth-Nikç-Lepushe trail offers adventurers an opportunity to test their physical limits while being rewarded with breathtaking views, untouched natural beauty, and an unforgettable hiking adventure. Immerse yourself in the challenging yet rewarding journey through Albania’s majestic peaks, forging unforgettable memories amidst the high-difficulty path of Theth-Nikç-Lepushe.

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