“Regional Natural Parks Need Sustainable Management” Project

“Albanian Alps Alliance” network is one of the winning applicants for grant under the call for proposal of ANTTARC organization, on behalf of the program PACT, funded by EU.
             Project coordinator of this project is Mr. Gent Imeraj.

Project title: Regional Natural Parks Need Sustainable Management.
Duration: 1st of September 2017 – 30th of August 2018

The Regional Natural Parks Shkrel and Nikaj-Mertur are part of the 4th category of the protected areas in the country. The need for fighting corruption and good governance are two acute problems in the Northern Albania area, which require the intervention of law-enforcers to manage the situation and the risk they may bring. Specifically, these phenomena are very much felt in the natural parks Shkrel, Malesi e Madhe Municipality and Nikaj – Mertur, Tropoja.

The overall objectives, where the project aims to contribute, are:

~ To contribute to the sustainable socio-economic and natural development of the natural parks of Shkrel and Nikaj-Mertur.
~ To contribute to the fight against corruption in protected areas.
~ To promote the active participation of the community in decision-making in their areas as a necessary element for promoting good governance and law enforcement in the areas of natural parks.

The specific objective of the project is:

a) To engage the community to be an active part of the sustainable management of the Regional Natural Parks “Shkrel” and “Nikaj-Mertur” to ensure the strict implementation of the law and the promotion of good governance.

The goals are: to develop a management plan for natural parks of Shkrel and Nikaj-Mertur for the strict implementation of the law and promotion of good governance and to make the community active in the process of sustainable development, good governance, law enforcement in the Regional Natural Parks “Shkrel” and “Nikaj-Mertur”.

The chairman of “Albanian Alps Alliance”  is Mr. Petrit Imeraj.

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