“Një zëri, për zhvillimin e qëndrueshëm të Alpeve” Project







“Preservation of Forests and Green Environment” association is one of the winning applicants for grant under the call for proposal of REC organization, on behalf of the program SENIOR II, funded by SWEDEN embassy.
Project coordinator of this project is Mr. Petrit Imeraj.

Project title: In one voice, for the sustainable development of the Alps.
Duration: 1st of October 2017 – 31st of September 2018

Idea: Fostering youth involvement and activation in the community’s life, networking and cooperation in partnership with other organizations and local stakeholders, the development of public relations and marketing constitute three of the goals and objectives of the “Albanian Alps Alliance” network, realization of which helps the Alliance to contribute to the fulfillment of its mission and vision.

~ Office for network operation;
~ Organization of meetings with different stakeholders and meetings with the offices of the founding associations of the network with the aim of recruiting human capacities that increase network expertise;
~ Workshop with network leaders to review the strategic plan and setting priorities for 2018;
~ Experience exchange with larger organizations with similar mission;
These are internal activities for strengthening the “Albanian Alps Alliance” network.

As external activities, to enhance confidence and to extend the field activities, are foreseen training with young people in alpine areas, creating a booking for guest-houses that offer services and products, exhibitions on the values of the Albanian Alps.

Follow us, through our activities on our website, www.voicealps.org 

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