#OSCEyouth: Regional Connectivity & Millennials

-:/) A young human, better than a hundred, exhibits the courageous profile of youth! (\:-
#OSCEyouth: Regional Connectivity and Millenias
-Zoom In: Humans of Albania and Serbia from Distance to Connectivity!

#OSCEyouth, on 13th, 14th and 15th of December 2017 organized a 2 days concluding event of the project to foster co-operation between young people from ?? &??. On day 1 we started with the screening of a short ?️: Kismet made by young women about young women! Then on day 2 we organized an international conference on Regional Connectivity & Millennials, which gathered 100 participants from the region who discussed regional youth co-operation, the digital engagement of young people, and societal changes and opportunities enabled by the generation of young people commonly referred to as millennials.”Young people, millennials, are pioneers of change, including in the way we communicate, equipped with the skills to effectively connect to each other, to shape joint initiatives and policies, and to enthusiastically push for progress in our societies” said Ambassador Andrea Orizio. #youth #OSCEregion #connectivity #Millennials.

At this conference, “Albanian Alps Alliance” network takes the opportunity to pride itself with a representative, specifically Mr. Gent Imeraj, administrator of the network. One of the panelists about “the digital engagement of young people” was Mr. Gent Imeraj, one of the member of “Humans of Albania and Serbia” network. At his words, he states: “The elders used to say to us: ‘The one who has plowed the land by its own, slices the bread without making crumbs.’ There is no big work or small work. If there exists work, then there is difference and development.”

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