Mushaj – Curraj Epërm hiking trail

Peak-to-Peak Outdoors in Albania

Trail length: 20 km

Duration: 8 hrs

Altitude change: 1,140 meters

Accessibility: All seasons

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Water sources: Abundant

Highlights of the trail:

  • Mushaj’s Tranquil Charm: Begin in charming Mushaj village, experiencing traditional Albanian hospitality and the village’s unique character.
  • Curraj i Eperm’s Idyllic Setting: Conclude in Curraj i Eperm, surrounded by idyllic nature and warm local culture.
  • Diverse Wildlife: Traverse a landscape inhabited by diverse wildlife, including wolves and brown bears, adding an element of thrill.
  • Rare Natural Marvels: Encounter rare natural wonders, hidden caves and gorges along the trail, each with its own story to tell and a touch of mystery.
  • Above-Average Difficulty: Embrace the challenge of above-average difficulty, testing experienced hikers’ skills.
  • Group Safety: Traveling in a group enhances safety and companionship, particularly in wildlife-rich areas.
  • Raw Power of Nature: Feel nature’s raw power as you navigate lush forests and varied terrains.
  • Abundant Water Sources: Refresh yourself at crystal-clear springs that emerge from the heart of the mountains, offering cool and rejuvenating waters.

North: Nikç
South: Reçi
East: Razma
West: Boga

Embark on an epic journey through the mystical landscapes of Albania along the exhilarating Mushaj-Curraj Eperm trail. This captivating 20-kilometer route, stretching from the charming village of Mushaj in Shkodër district to the picturesque Curraj i Eperm in Kukës district, unveils a world of rare natural wonders and abundant biodiversity.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure that immerses you in the untamed beauty of Albania’s mountainous terrain. As you traverse this above-average difficulty trail, it is highly recommended to travel in a group of more than 5 people, ensuring safety and companionship as you navigate the forests where magnificent creatures like wolves and brown bears roam.

Feel the thrill of conquering the challenging terrain, with awe-inspiring vistas unfolding at every turn. Experience the raw power of nature as you venture through a landscape teeming with diverse wildlife and rare natural marvels. The Mushaj-Curraj Eperm trail promises a truly immersive encounter with the pristine beauty of Albania’s wilderness.

Throughout the journey, you’ll discover an abundance of water sources, quenching your thirst and offering refreshing moments amidst the awe-inspiring surroundings. This ensures that you stay energized as you conquer the trail’s twists and turns.

Unleash your spirit of adventure and discover the hidden treasures of the Mushaj-Curraj Eperm trail. Let the wilderness call to you as you embrace the challenges and rewards of this extraordinary journey through rare landscapes and captivating biodiversity. Prepare to be captivated, exhilarated, and forever changed by the beauty that awaits along this trail of wonder.