Tamare – Vermosh hiking trail

Peak-to-Peak Outdoors in Albania

Trail length: 32 km

Duration: 9 hrs

Altitude change: 1,180 meters

Accessibility: All seasons

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Water sources: Normal

Highlights of the trail:

  • Captivating hike through Tamara, Lepushe, and Vermosh in Albanian Alps.
  • Tamara Bridge, a historical gem at confluence of Selca and Vukli rivers.
  • Gerrle Canyon in Selce Village sculpted by Cem River streams.
  • Lepushe, “pearl of the Albanian Alps,” nestled in verdant valley.
  • Majestic peaks like ‘Bjeshket e Namuna’ enhance picturesque setting.
  • Experience warm hospitality, savor local cuisine.
  • Discover hidden waterfall, witness cascading waters and rainbows.
  • Chance to witness Logu i Bjeshkeve festival (August), a cultural extravaganza.
  • Vermosh, enchanting village cradled within captivating valley.
  • Explore karstic caves with local guidance for safety.
  • Sense echoes of history through archeological findings.

North: Nikç
South: Reçi
East: Razma
West: Boga

Embark on a captivating hiking adventure through the breathtaking landscapes of Tamara, Lepushe, and Vermosh, three picturesque villages nestled in the majestic Albanian Alps. This trail promises a remarkable blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, immersive experiences and a special highlight – the annual Logu i Bjeshkeve festival.

We begin our journey from Tamara, a charming village located at the confluence of the Selca and Vukli rivers into Cemi river. As we venture through this idyllic setting, we are greeted by the mesmerizing Tamara Bridge, a testament to the village’s history and architectural heritage. Take your time to admire the bridge’s intricate design and the tranquil surroundings it spans. Our adventure takes us to the captivating Selce Village, just 8 kilometers away from Tamara. Here, we venture into the mesmerizing Gerrle Canyon, a natural marvel sculpted by the powerful streams of the Cem River. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking views that unfold before your eyes.

From Tamara, we make our way towards Lepushe, often referred to as the “pearl of the Albanian Alps.” The village unfolds like a natural masterpiece, nestled in a verdant valley with majestic peaks like ‘Bjeshket e Namuna’ towering nearby. Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the locals and savor a traditional lunch, indulging in the rich flavors of local cuisine.

After a delightful culinary experience, we set our sights on exploring the wonders of Lepushe. Discover the hidden gem of a waterfall, where the cascading waters create a symphony of beauty and serenity. Feel the refreshing mist on your face as you take in the awe-inspiring view, surrounded by nature’s tranquility. On sunny days, the cascading waters create ethereal rainbows, painting the surroundings with vibrant hues and adding to the enchantment of the landscape.

During our visit to Lepushe, if the timing aligns, we have the incredible opportunity to witness the grandeur of the Logu i Bjeshkeve festival (August). This traditional celebration showcases the rich cultural heritage of the region, where local shepherds and herders gather to demonstrate their skills, perform traditional dances and music, and showcase their beautiful lifestyle. The festival culminates with the announcement of Miss Bjeshka, the most beautiful woman participating in the competition, adding a touch of glamour to the festivities.

Continuing our journey, we proceed to Vermosh, another enchanting village in the heart of the Kelmend region. This picturesque village is cradled within a captivating valley traversed by the meandering Vermosh River.

For the avid explorers, the region also boasts several karstic caves, dotted around Lepushe, Tamara, and Selce. While these caves offer an intriguing adventure, it is recommended to explore them under the guidance of local experts for safety purposes.

Throughout our journey, you will sense the echoes of history resonating in the land. Archeological findings, including Illyrian coins, remnants of ceramics, tools, fossils, and ancient drawings, speak to the early settlements that once thrived in this region, adding a layer of historical significance to the natural wonders.

Prepare to be captivated by the spellbinding beauty, warm hospitality, and rich cultural heritage of Tamara, Lepushe, and Vermosh. This hiking trail promises an unforgettable experience, where nature’s grandeur intertwines with the spirit of the Albanian Alps, leaving you with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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