?Municipality of Andrijevica, ??Montenegro and ?Municipality of Malesia e Madhe, ??Albania, from public administration, in partnership with ?NGO Komovi, Montenegro and ?Albanian Alps Alliance, Albania, from civil society, in order to contribute to strengthen good neighborly relations, the following concludes:


– undertake to give full support to initiatives and projects in the cross-border region and local territory that promote the development of the economy, natural, cultural, religious and multiethnic tolerance, as well as all the activities that contribute to the progress and development of these areas. ?
– apply for common initiatives and projects under cross-border or regional program calls (IPA II, P2P, WBF etc.) that contribute to the progress of these areas and the environment, by proposing concrete plans for sustainable development, take an active part in all activities on projects and provide every assistance to ensure the continuity of every project, in accordance with their capabilities.?
– publicly promote the idea of understanding, tolerance and development of good neighborly relations population of these areas and environments.?

After several meetings in respective offices, with initiative of Mr. Petrit IMERAJ, chairman of AAA and Mr. Lale DJURISIC, chairman of KOMOVI, ? the Memorandum of Understanding is working actively to be part of the IPA II cross-border call for projects.

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Albanian Alps Alliance
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