Zeri i Alpeve/ Voice of the Alps is a partnership initiative to push forward the sustainable development of the Albanian Alps and border spaces, preceding Vision – Partnership – Service.

Vision: Voluntary union of several representatives of associations with Socio-Environmental character, operating in counties Shkoder – Kukes for the comprehensive and sustainable development of these counties, environmental protection, development of ecotourism and enhancing the welfare of the community that lives in alpine areas and the development of mountainous areas in the whole of Albania.

Partnership: We are open to join forces with anyone who wants to protect and sustainably develop the Albanian Alps, to raise any problem for the solution of socio-economic and environmental problem of the Alpine community. Our partnership is based on three main pillars: social education – environment protection – resource promotion.

Service: Zeri i Alpeve/Voice of the Alps located in Shkodra is a dynamically developing center which was set up by professionals with noticeable experience built by a tourism industry, especially mountains tourism and eco-tourism. It offers tours where you can discover an unknown, but fascinating country, with unique and unforgettable experiences in a sustainable way.

Our motto is:



Sustainable development,  environment protection , protection of areas.


Nature-based tourism (hiking, walking with animals, mountaineering, mountain bike, observation of the landscape, caves, waterfalls, fountains, fishing sports, canoeing, flights with deltaplane, monuments of nature, meadows, plants, animals, etc.);

Rural tourism (living environments of residents, towers, historical houses, the furniture, lifestyle, tools, characteristic clothing, barns, places of shelter of cattle, rural heritage, activities, traditional products, believes practices, agro-tourism, etc.);


Cultural tourism (museums, history, architecture, archeological sites, spiritual heritage, belief, cultural activities, festivals, folklore, legends, dances, songs, arts, crafts, etc.).

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