What Voice of the Alps loves most is to send people deep into the heart of Albanian nature and culture.  That is why we choose traditional, family-run guesthouses for our tours to Theth and the northern Albanian Alps.  These wood-shingled stone structures endure the harsh winter weather conditions of the region.

The Selimaj Guesthouse in Valbona, Albania
The village of Theth has made its way into the guidebooks as a must-see in the Albanian Alps, and for good reason.  The nearby villages of Valbona and Vermosh are also idyllic and picturesque, and even less tourist-trodden.
The Nacaj guesthouse, Vermosh
The village of Vermosh is in the northernmost tip of Albania.  With a population of only a few hundred, rural serenity is guaranteed.


The Nika guesthouse, Nderlysa (near Theth)

The whitewashed exteriors and antiquated roofing of traditional guesthouses lend them character and distinction.  They punctuate the postcard landscape of the Albanian north.

The Mitaj guesthouse, Vermosh


A highlight in Vermosh is the Mitaj guesthouse and nature hostel, where the owner has actually built a tree house bar on his land.
The Terthorja guesthouse, Theth
The village guesthouses of the north are perhaps at their finest in the late summer and autumn.  Fall foliage in this region adds an extra layer of enchantment.
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